19-Melting Pot

Jeremiah 50:37,

“A sword is upon their horses, and upon their chariots, and upon all the mingled people that are in the midst of her, and they shall become like women; a sword is upon her treasuries, and they shall be robbed.”

This is one of the most revealing characteristics and descriptions of the end-time nation called Babylon. Jeremiah is describing the disintegration of her society, the country whose people are a mixture of many nationalities. What else can “…mingled people that are in the midst of her…” refer to but a melting pot of races, colors, and creeds?

It is true that many nations may fit this description of mingled people. But, what nation has at its roots a Roman-European heritage, for Babylon must be from the Roman system? From where do the founders of America originate? Do they come from Russia or China? No, the heritage of America is primarily European. However, since the establishment of the nation many other nationalities have migrated to make this country the “melting pot.”

Another interesting point regarding the “mingled” theory is the extremity of the mingling process. In many nations of mixed peoples, you will find the individual languages of the people are maintained. But, in America, an immigrant is compelled to speak English or risk being an outcast.

Jeremiah gives further insight to the many varied peoples of Babylon “…and they shall become like women …” What does this description refer to? The people have been so idolatrous and pleasure-seeking that this has sapped their strength. America has become a nation of “fun-in-the-sunners.” The men have become lazy and soft and Jeremiah describes them as women.

This prophetical picture concerning the people of Babylon must bring sorrow to our hearts. My flesh wars against the evidence that America is the Babylon that John and Jeremiah describe. I keep remembering the years of military service, the chills down my spine at the playing of our national anthem. To call America “Babylon the Great” is not something my flesh enjoys. But we, through the Spirit, are to overcome the flesh. Most people are blinded and cannot accept this prophecy of America. In fact, people become hostile at the very thought. This is true especially of those who take the name of Jesus, who would shed their blood for America, but not for Jesus and His truth.

Judgment upon the land of America for her sins is as sure as the existence of God. It is only a matter of time. Even though God will spare judgment on those who repent of sin, He has made it clear that most people in these last days won´t repent. He holds out a hand of mercy and forgiveness to individuals in America, even though He knows most won´t turn to Him. See Ezekiel 3:7.