21-Space Travelers

Jeremiah 51:53,

“Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the Lord.”

The ancient Babylonian system, under Nimrod, strove to establish and erect a world in their own strength. They built a symbolic tower of Babel, making people think God, Heaven, and judgment was way out in space. Also, people were taught to believe that through their own efforts, and ability to achieve and build, God would then justify them. The people were trying to climb, to mount up to Heaven, through their own self-righteousness. This gross distortion and misunderstanding of the fallen condition of man led to a liberal, loose and licentious society. The judgment of God recently displayed via the Great Flood was erased from the memory of sinful men. The fear of God was removed from the minds of men. However, they held to a form of Godliness, but they denied the power of it.

This perverted thinking has captured the minds of every kingdom and empire from Nimrod to today. The kingdoms are under the deceptive whip of Satan, who also fell due to such self-righteousness and pride. This Babylonian spirit cannot be reformed. It must be destroyed and replaced with the Word and way of God. God will spoil the Babylonian counterfeit.

What is the modern version of the Tower of Babel? Jeremiah said “…though Babylon should mount up to heaven.” Within this prophecy is found the modern Tower of Babel in a spiritual sense. What has happened since World War II? To mount up means to ascend or to climb. So Babylon is literally climbing to Heaven. Since our holy city is in the heavens above, the people of Babylon are again striving to reach God in their own way and strength.

Since 1956, Russia and America have been racing further out into space. Man has become a space traveler. Jeremiah says that man´s climb to outer space will produce the spoilers from God, who are the angels of the Revelation, with their trumpets and vials.

There is one event of recent space travel that exemplifies the proud spirit which saturates the Babylonian mind. When Neil Armstrong, in 1969, landed on the moon, he was the first human to achieve such a feat. As he stepped from his lunar landing craft he said, “one step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Mankind received all the credit and glory for this space miracle. The pompous pride of America was never higher.

This display of national pride is what sent Jesus Christ to the cross. He died to separate us from this self-righteousness and self-glorification. Yet, the people of America stand and cheer, showing their approval of such proud motivations. Then on Sunday morning, they journey down to the local church, and pretend to worship God.

Since then, spacecraft have reached Saturn, millions of miles from earth. The race in space has intensified. Man is striving to reach the center of the universe. The ironic part of all this is that mankind is spiritually drifting further from God, even though he is getting closer to Heaven above.

Jeremiah also prophesied that Babylon would “…fortify the height of her strength…” Are we witnessing the fulfillment of this in America´s plans to make space a battleground? Are the deployment of space-age weapons and space stations an extension of Babylon´s military muscle? The hammer and battle-axe of America is reaching toward the heavens.

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ will truly be a space spectacular. The King of Kings will descend from the heavens, all eyes shall see Him, every tongue confess that He is Lord. Praise God! All Christians should pray for this glorious moment when Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom. Only then will true peace and prosperity prevail. The earth will be filled with the glory and knowledge of the Lord.