22-Convinced or Confused

After careful consideration of all these descriptions of Babylon the Great, what is your conclusion? Are you convinced or are you still confused? Is God revealing the mystery of Babylon to us in the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation? Are the prophecies of Jeremiah and John pointing to the United States of America, as the nation destined to rule and ruin the earth prior to the 1,000-year reign of Christ?

As stated in the beginning of this chapter, it was only when God delivered me from misdirected loyalty and patriotism, that I could see and understand America´s role in end-time events. We must remember that truly born again believers are loyal servants only to the Kingdom of God. Remember, Paul considered himself to be a slave of our Lord Jesus Christ. The uniform we now wear identifies us with the army of Jesus Christ, not the United States of America. Our only sword should be the word of God. God will have no part in those who seek to be double agents.

Please don´t confuse God´s command to obey the laws of the land where God has stationed us, with loyalty and patriotism. It doesn´t matter what antichrist government we are ambassadors to, for there will always be conflict between all of them and the kingdom we serve. Just as foreign ambassadors are to obey the laws of the country they´re assigned, but still remain completely loyal to their homeland, so are we to Heaven. Just as the President would disapprove of his ambassador desiring to be a citizen and loyal to the other country, so does God of those who defect to the nation they are ambassadors to.

If you still are unsure of America´s prophetical place, please study carefully the next chapter. For it will provide further evidence of America´s roll in prophecy. I beg you to please study the scriptures, and prove these prophecies. Don´t trust only this book, but don´t despise it either, until you´ve proven it wrong.