03-Little Horns

The little horns of Daniel 7 and 8 simply illustrate the younger and stronger nations of two old opposing forces in the last days. These two little horns are not referring to the same nation, as some teach. For these horns are opposing forces that are symbolic of the Roman and Grecian empires which will co-exist until the battles of Daniel´s 70th Week. Western Europe and America today represent the Roman Empire and its little horn. The geographical areas of Greece, Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq represent the old Grecian Empire, with Russia as its little horn.

How can two empires, both now fallen and in the history books, yet exist and go into the coming 70th Week as Daniel clearly prophesied? A study of the Roman Empire and its division into two empires will help to answer the question. It is not a coincidence that when Rome divided into the Eastern and Western empires in the 5th century, its geographical makeup resembled that of the Roman and a divided Grecian Empire before it was gobbled up by Rome. The Eastern Roman Empire resembled the Seleucid portion of the Grecian Empire. I believe that the little horn of Daniel 8 can be tied both to the Grecian and Eastern Roman Empires.

Furthermore, I believe that the Russian-Syrian alliance of today proves this to be true. Syria is the little horn of divided Greece and Russia is the little horn of eastern Rome. History proves that the culture and orthodox religion of eastern Rome moved northward into Russia, thereby fulfilling the prophecy of the little horn of Daniel 8. In like manner, America is where the culture and religion of western Rome moved.

From out of the divided Grecian Empire was to arise a little horn (man and nation) according to Daniel 8. History reveals that Syria is that nation and Antiochus Epiphanes was the man who is called the little horn or the king of the north. But he is only a historical type of the little horn of the 70th Week. For time passed and Rome conquered the divided kingdom of Greece.

When Rome split in the 5th century into two empires, we have again the Roman and divided Grecian empires. The spreading of eastern Rome into Russia and the Russian-Syrian alliance of today explain why the little horn of Daniel 8 is referring both to Russia and Syria. What Daniel 7,8,11 simply reveals is what we see today: East-West conflict, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, soon to get hotter. They both meet their Waterloo during the 70th Week, because they are both antichrist.