04-Presidency and Papacy

Few Bible teachers hold to the teaching that the two beasts of Revelation 13 are the political and religious leaders of the modern day Roman Empire, which consists of 11 nations. These two men lead what is called the “woman and the beast.” Revelation 17:7, 9, 10, 18 reveal the home of both men as the Roman Empire. Remember that Babylon and Rome are synonymous. The Spirit of God asks you, “what are the most powerful political and religious offices in the West today?”

By letting the Spirit show us the description of the harlot in Revelation 17, it is revealed that the worldly “Christian” church of Western Europe and America will be where this religious leader originates from. The beast, the American government and its leader, is dressed in scarlet as is the woman, meaning they look alike, speak alike, use each other, but the real power remains in the beast. In other words, the government and the church of 11 western nations will be preaching and promoting the same message – worldly peace, prosperity, and unity.

This harlot will consist of the majority of people found in the 7 churches of Revelation 2 and 3, who refuse to repent and walk in the Spirit, but chose the ways of the world. These 7 churches and their leaders are held in the Lord´s right hand, (Revelation 1:20). These are not cults, but mainline churchgoers who are being deceived by the spirit of antichrist. All of them have confessions and statements of faith posted on the walls and in their books of discipline. But they have tragically not embraced and confessed these statements of truth in their hearts. If they do not repent they will ultimately deny Jesus Christ Himself.

These people are following impure teachings, while the truth hangs on the wall. The doctrines of Balaam and Nicolaitans (Rev. 2, 3) which these people hold to are designed to make Christians earthly and worldly in mind and heart. The sad thing about this is that they believe and do these things in the name of Jesus. What blasphemy! To these people the return of Jesus Christ is a vague reality, to some even a threat to their ministry. That is why the Lord´s return is not a major doctrine and foundation of their ministry. They are not looking and longing for Jesus to come that He might rule the nations and set up His Kingdom. If we are not looking we are lost! Jesus will rapture those who look for Him, not those who look to the world´s system.

These darkened Christians are walking in the flesh which Paul said would bring death, (Romans 8:13). Please study II Timothy 2:19-21 and I Peter 4:17-18 together. The rapture is the judgment of the visible house of God. They who willfully choose the ways of the world and walk in them, will find themselves on the earth after the rapture. They denied or refused to acknowledge the power of the Holy Spirit to free them from the lust and desire for this world. We are all born with this love for the world and self in our hearts and need to be delivered from this to be saved.

The religious and political beasts or men will come as “angels of light” just as Paul said. They will come on the scene and even now are on the scene, as ministers of Christ, apostles of Christ, (II Corinthians 11:13-15). Satan must disguise himself by putting on a mask. For if people saw his real face they would not follow him.

What we are observing today with so many saying they´re “born again,” is very deceiving. I wish it were true, but Jesus said few would enter in prior to the 70th Week. Jesus said that the proof of one´s being born of the Holy Spirit is the ability to see and understand the Kingdom of God. Most people who claim to be born again are not interested in the literal coming of Jesus Christ. For many, His return would upset their plans. That´s not seeing and understanding the Kingdom of God. Read John 1:51 and John 3:53 together.

Jesus said it is possible to say with our lips that we love Him, to say He´s the Christ, but actually deny Him and His word, (Matthew 15:7-9, 24:4-5, I John 1:6, 2:9). By our fruit we are known. We must be able to hear the voice and discern the Lamb from the dragon. Are the “Presidency” and “Papacy” being groomed by the spirit of antichrist to rule the world and to fight the Lord Jesus at His coming to the earth, (Revelation 19:19)? Will whoever sits in those positions after the rapture be revealed as the two beasts of Revelation 13?