05-Blow the Siren

Every nation and government will come under the wrath of God, for all nations will agree to be governed by the antichrist, (Isaiah 34:1-2, Revelation 13:7). They will joyfully submit themselves to him. Contrary to public opinion America cannot escape the wrath of God. As we studied in Chapter 5, the land of America will be left desolate and barren as a reminder of God´s hate of Babylonianism. For her sins have reached Heaven, just as those of Sodom and Gomorrah´s.

We must warn people in and out of the church to repent, to trust in the shed blood of Jesus, and to receive the Holy Spirit to save us from sin. As in Ezekiel 33, we must also sound the trumpet, blow the siren. People who misunderstand and are blinded by antichrist, who for blind patriotic reasons or for fear of persecution are going to perish in their blindness. They are believing a lie. Only the Lord´s physical return to this earth can bring peace to this war-torn planet.

Revelation 18:4 commands Jews and Gentiles alike, who have trusted Jesus to “come out.” We can “come out” spiritually now before the rapture or “physically” after the rapture when the President stands in the temple, in Jerusalem, and says he is the Christ. God commands us to declare and publish, to conceal not, His word concerning Babylon, according to Jeremiah 50:2. That is what this book is designed to do.

Remember, the Little Horn, the Beast of the Sea, and Babylon the Great are all the same nation which will produce the political antichrist!